Non-Logo Content: Fight! Fight! Vermont vs. Manchester

Last night in Burlington, Vermont in a game between the Vermont Frost Heaves and the Manchester Millrats of the hapless ABA, things got a little bit chippy. There were three fights in total and you can see them all by clicking here. The first fight is at 1:06 (the Millrats coach acts like a fool) , 1:56 (both teams go at it) and the worst of the bunch – a sucker punch by the Millrats Ife Anosike – is at 2:56. The last fight came with less than a minute to play and the game was called as a result.

Since some on the Our Sports Central ABA message board were worried that these actions would go unpunished and that the live record of the game broadcast by PlayON would be taken down – both very reasonable concerns based on the ABA’s piss poor record – I made a few screencaps of the sucker punch to preserve what is a big black eye for the Millrats and the ABA in general.

It all started when the Frost Heaves’ Erik Nelson and Anosike got tangled up down low (click on the images to enlarge)…

Nelson, got up and headed down court but as he ran by he gave Anosike a little pat on the belly…

Pretty innocuous, right? Well, Anosike didn’t take that little tap lightly…

That’s quite the vicious sucker punch if you ask me. He must’ve missed because Nelson was fine, but if he connected it could’ve been very bad.

According to Our Sports Central’s Paul Reeths, the league won’t take any action. Instead, Reeths says that Joe Newman sent an email to the Millrats saying that “self-regulation and self-determining of team standards is a very positive way to approach this difficult situation.” Why expect anything more out of Newman?

The Millrats have suspended Anosike but they are calling on Vermont to do the same to Nelson saying in a press release this morning, “we would hope that the antics of Erik Nelson, who hit people with shoulders all game, smacked Sanders on the back of the head, and popped Anosike for no reason prior to the final melee, would be looked at by the Frost Heaves organization.”

What a joke. This is bad even by ABA standards. What league doesn’t take action following a brawl? One that exists solely to collect $10,000 market reservation checks and doesn’t care otherwise about what’s happening…that’s who.

In fact, yesterday the league announced a new team. The ABA is playing less than 50% of their scheduled games and people are still buying into this fraud? Shameful.

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