Clinton LumberKings

I don’t know this for sure, but I’m pretty sure that this new Clinton LumberKings logo (left) is the first foray into logo design that the New Era Cap company has taken on. Perhaps they should stick to making baseball caps more and more expensive instead, since that’s what they do best.

While I agree that Louie could’ve used a little bit of a tweak, perhaps just an upgrade to a more contemporary style of artwork, why they needed to make him so creepy is beyond me. In a sensitive time for baseball on all levels, there are just far to many cheap steroid jokes that one can make about the new Louie.

Seriously though, you can say that I’m reading to much into it, but I really think that this logo is an unintentional commentary on how different we think baseball players look now than we used to. Let’s be honest with ourselves, thanks to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds, we now think of baseball players, especially sluggers, as being barrel chested, monstrous armed, razor sharp jawboned, aggressive monsters.

That was never how I thought baseball players looked growing up. My vision of them, especially because of the ugly fashions of the 70’s and 80’s, was very similar to the old Louie logo. More soft, round and jovial. More of an every man, less of rage filled nerd beater. I know it’s a bit naive and juvenile and old-fashioned to think of any era of baseball player this way, but I like that fantasy and I’d prefer to not be reminded of the changes even in our logos.

Not to mention that they felt the need to get rid of the board with the nail. That’s arguably the best part of the old logo. It definitely loses a great deal of it’s charm with a plain baseball bat in his hand.

Team: Clinton LumberKings
League: Midwest League
Location: Clinton, Iowa
Ballpark: Alliant Energy Field
Mascot: Louie the LumberKing – who will be getting a facelift as well, I’m sure. Hide the kids.

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One Response to Clinton LumberKings

  1. Michael says:

    >I hope this is okay to say this, but… does anyone else detect a hint of hispanic in Louie’s face? I think there is a real stark contrast in the decision to update the facial hair. The goatee almost makes this new Louie look Cuban.

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