NCAA Tournament Best Logo Bracket – Second Round

Continuing on with my best logo bracket picks. Again, click on the team name to see the logo…


East Regional

1. North Carolina Tar Heels
8. Indiana Hoosiers
It’s a battle of classic interlocking logos. Carolina’s secondary logo seals the deal. Winner: North Carolina

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4. Washington State Cougars
Like I said in the first round, I love the Cougars logo. But Notre Dame has two great, memorable logos. Sorry Wazzu, but once again, you Coug’d it. Winner: Notre Dame

6. Oklahoma Sooners
3. Louisville Cardinals
Oklahoma skated by in the first round with the simple interlocking logo, but Louisville’s logo just has more life, even if it looks a little strange. Winner: Louisville

10. South Alabama Jaguars
2. Tennessee Volunteers
I’m telling you, that’s one wicked Jaguar. South Alabama easily upsets Tennessee and their boring “T”. Winner: South Alabama

Midwest Regional

1. Kansas Jayhawks
8. UNLV Runnin’ Rebels
I love the Runnin’ Rebels mustache, but the Jayhawk is just too iconic and memorable. Winner: Kansas

12. Villanova Wildcats
13. Siena Saints
Oooooo…Doggy! Winner: Siena

11. Kansas State Wildcats
3. Wisconsin Badgers
Before this tournament, I guess I never really noticed Bucky Badger. He’s pretty badass. K-State only got by because USC is garbage. Winner: Wisconsin

7. Gonzaga Bulldogs
2. Georgetown Hoyas
The battle of the bulldog logos. I like Gonzaga’s, but let’s be honest, it’s a little generic. The Hoyas logo is a one of a kind. Winner: Georgetown

South Regional

1. Memphis Tigers
8. Mississippi State Bulldogs
Memphis gets by once again despite having a horrible logo. Mississippi State only advanced because Oregon was so putrid. Winner: Memphis

12. Temple Owls
13. Oral Roberts Eagles
I never really noticed it too much before, but Temple’s Owl logo is pretty good. Oral Robert’s Eagle is just too amateurish to get into the Sweet Sixteen. Winner: Temple

11. Kentucky Wildcats
14. Cornell Big Red
Whoa…massive upset here. At second glance, I’m just not loving Kentucky’s logo. Cornell, the sentimental favorite, and it’s nasty looking bear pull it out in overtime. Winner: Cornell

10. Saint Mary’s Gaels
2. Texas Longhorns
Another massive upset. St. Mary’s logo is just too creative for the simple longhorn outline. Winner: Saint Mary’s

West Regional

1. UCLA Bruins
9. Texas A&M Aggies
Again, not a fan of the Bruin’s logos, but it’s so much more bright and interesting and fun than A&M’s. Winner: UCLA

5. Drake Bulldogs
13. San Diego Torreros
The Torreros strangely thin Torrero got by one dog, but Drake’s Bulldog is too detailed and strong. Winner: Drake

6. Purdue Boilermakers
3. Xavier Musketeers
It was an X-citing run, but the single letter “X” can’t stand up against a very cool train. Winner: Purdue

7. West Virginia Moutaineers
2. Duke Blue Devils
Duke barely beats out West Virginia for one sole reason: It has a devil in it. I’m a sucker for a devil. Winner: Duke

The rest of the tournament, coming up tomorrow…

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