Virginia Commonwealth Rams

I am about as excited for this mid-major filled Final Four as I can possibly get. The only thing better would be if Bowling Green and Gonzaga or Cornell were there instead of VCU and Butler.

The one painful thing about this Final Four and for rooting for the ultimate underdog, the Virginia Commonwealth Rams, is their sorry excuse of a ram logo. While there is a part of me that loves that it isn’t a polished, professional logo, this logo isn’t one of those old school logos that is kitschy, ironic or fun. It’s just plain ugly and dated.

But I can look past the logo because I love me some mid-major basketball and I don’t want to see either of those bastard coaches John Calipari or Jim Calhoun and their blueblood programs win a national championship. VCU or Butler, all the way.

Speaking of VCU and Butler, my favorite basketball site and tweeter is sporting this vastly improved Final Four logo as his avatar right now…

Bally makes all logos better! Let’s go Mid Majority!

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