Bellingham Bells

The Bellingham Bells released a brand spanking new Studio Simon designed logo yesterday and I can’t say that I have particularly strong feelings about.  It’s definitely an upgrade from their old logo.  I like the stylized “B” and it’s nice that there is now a bell on a Bells logo but I’m not a big fan of the colors, they just seem a little bit dull, almost an afterthought. And doesn’t it seem like there is too much shading on the bell?  Something keeps throwing me off there.

Whatever, it’s nice to see the new owner of the Bells investing in the team. I love Joe Martin Stadium, it’s a really great little ballpark and I want to see baseball succeed there for a long time and a new Studio Simon logo can’t hurt. Unless this new Bellevue, Washington based owner is thinking about taking the Bells and this fancy new logo to his Bell-related hometown – a totally unsubstantiated fear that I have.

And then there is this “Bellinghamster”…

Team: Bellingham Bells
League: West Coast League
Location: Bellingham, Washington
Stadium: Joe Martin Stadium
Mascot: Hammy, Homer or Dinger

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