SeaWolves and Thurston County

Everybody welcome the North Sound SeaWolves to US soccer’s fourth tier, the PDL. The Everett, Washington based football club released this logo months ago when they joined the league and I hoped, I prayed that it was just temporary. Apparently, it’s not. We are now only a few weeks away from the start of the season and this still seems to be the SeaWolves actual logo. Yes, that Orca (SeaWolf? SeaWolve?) is indeed humping that soccer ball, Blogography. And who knew that people still designed logos with MS Paint?

Yeah, this logo makes me angry. ANGRY. How can anybody take this team seriously with this logo? I certainly can’t be a fan and I’m a fan of virtually all local minor league sports teams, it’s just what I do. But this is beyond the pale. I can’t do it. It shows a shocking lack of knowledge, savvy and care. I’m out. Go Pumas, go Tide. Beat this sham of a logo into the ground. SeaWolves. Please.

Also joining the USL is Thurston Country Premier FC, an under-20 squad based in my hometown of Olympia, Washington. Yet another new local soccer organization that has a logo that offends my senses. It says “VICTORY” but screams “FAIL”. The only thing I can say in its favor is that it is marginally better than the SeaWolves logo.

Now I know that both of these teams are small time operations that operate on a shoestring budget and perhaps their shield/logo isn’t something they can splurge on, but neither of these logos make their respective teams look legitimate.

New teams on a budget, I implore you, at the very least go to the forum and find an amateur with skills. There are all sorts of people there that would work for t-shirts and do a killer job.

Team: North Sound SeaWolves
League: Premier Development League
Location: Everett, Washington
Stadium: Frank Goddard Memorial Stadium
Merchandise: Coming Soon!

Team: Thurston County Premier FC
League: Super-20 League
Location: Olympia, Washington
Field: Regional Athletic Complex

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4 Responses to SeaWolves and Thurston County

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  3. Gambling Rob says:

    this is actually pretty cool, SeaWolves, dolphins, all I need to feel complete are unicorns! Are there any teams with unicorns in their logos?!

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