Minnesota Ripknees

Tonight on the way home from a Seattle Sounders game, I got to thinking about the Minnesota Ripknees, a former ABA basketball that ceased operations in 2008.  They popped into my head when I was thinking about how Minneapolis hipsters would probably support an MLS team similarly to how Portland and Seattle hipsters support their team. This logo popped into my head mainly because it looks more like a soccer crest than a basketball logo.

However it popped in my head, I had forgotten just how absurd this team name and logo was. Ripknees? It has to be one of the worst basketball team names of all time and that makes it kind of awesome. While I definitely give them credit for creativity and uniqueness, it is too hard to think of it in any other way than a horrific injury often sustained while playing basketball though that’s apparently not what they intended the name to represent. And though I like all the other elements of this logo, I’m still a little stumped as to why it features a butch lady throwing a basketball like a discus.

One other note on the Ripknees: seems their Wikipedia page has been messed with. According to Wikipedia, “The team ceased operations after 2008 when their owner committed suicide by lighting himself and a donkey on fire protesting Barack Obama’s election to President.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. Nice try though. Wouldn’t be the strangest way that an ABA team ceased operations.

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