RIP Lewiston MAINEiacs

I was sad to hear today that one of the first teams that I reviewed for The Sports Logo Pundit has folded. Poor MAINEiacs! I genuinely really love this logo. It’s completely ridiculous but so unique and fun and like I said in my original review, surprisingly restrained. Now I really need to find some gear before it all goes away. Anyway, here is my original review from January 18th, 2005….

First of all, let’s start with the name. The Lewiston MAINEiacs. I noticed a little something in passing this morning about the the team on that peaked piqued my interest. The first question that immediately crossed my mind was “gee whiz, I wonder why a team in Quebec would spell maniacs like that?.”

You see, the Lewiston MAINEiacs play in the Ligue De Hockey Junior Majeur Du Quebec, also known to us non-French Canadians as the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, so you might be able to understand my confusion. Well it turns out that the QMJHL (or the LHJMQ for you backward frogs) also has a teams in New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and one team in Maine, hence the Lewiston MAINEiacs.

Seeing this goofy name made me cringe because I started to imagine all of the worst over-the-top and ridiculous logos possible. I was very surprised to see that for a team called the MAINEiacs, they managed to keep the logo relatively subdued. I love that they worked the initials into the design. That gets very high marks from me. I also like that they went with a human figure (nicknamed Lewy) rather than use an animal that has nothing to do with the name like a lot of teams would have done. Lewy give this gives the logo a lot of personality and makes for a very cool mascot for the team.

The only thing I don’t like about this logo is that on the website they cut off Lewy’s body and only use his head. That makes the logo look really cheap and tacky. The LM on his stick and body are what make this logo work.

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