Puget Sound Slammers

Lately I’ve noticed this Puget Sound Slammers logo sticker on cars around Olympia and it furthered my frustration or even anger with the North Sound SeaWolves.  Because not only is the SeaWolves logo a piss poor piece of crap but it isn’t even original. The Puget Sound Slammers youth soccer program beat the PDL SeaWolves in both timing and design. It has a few little problems, but it’s still a nice logo and the SeaWolves should be even more ashamed.

But not all is rosy with the Slammers…

Apparently one of the life skills that they are not enhanceing through competitive soccer is spelling.  Not that I should talk.

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3 Responses to Puget Sound Slammers

  1. goalseattle says:

    SeaWolves will have a new logo in 2012. Looks like the circle won the vote. http://goalwa.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/north-sound-seawolves-put-new-crest-up-for-vote/

  2. goalseattle says:

    PS: The final results are in, and what was voted best logo in Washington state youth soccer? This one: http://goalwa.wordpress.com/2011/09/16/spokane-scotties-voted-best-crest-for-2011-in-washington/

  3. Tom Whitney says:

    All Pro screen printing & embroidery in Lacey Washington designed that Slammers logo. The artist is also the owner and artwork is free. check them out at http://www.allpronw.com I am sure they would be happy to create a quality logo for your team. 360-438-0304

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