Victoria Royals

The Western Hockey League’s newest member unveiled their logo yesterday and I’m not  at all impressed. At least the Victoria Royals picked the least offensive name from their list of the name-the-team contest, they could have been the Capitals, Dragons, Tide, Thunder or Force. But is picking the right name worth it when the logo that they choose to represent that name is below average? What would you prefer?  A bad name with a good logo or a good name with a bad logo?

I wouldn’t say that this is a 100% horrible logo, necessarily. But it is another lost opportunity to do something really wonderful, kind of like how I feel about the Seattle Sounders logo. Victoria is a very beautiful and colorful city with a lot of local character. That no team has been able to capture that charm is disappointing and I was hoping that the new WHL team would really do this logo up right and finally capture Victoria’s charm in a logo.

I think that there was a good idea here that could have accomplished that feat, but in the end it wasn’t executed very well. The lion had a chance to be very cool and unique but now it feels rushed, unfinished and unsophisticated.  But it might look that way because the wordmark that accompanies it is awful. That is one of the most poorly done wordmarks that I have seen in a long time. The spacing is so bad: the O almost touches the Rs leg, there is a space between the Y and the A but the A and the L touch and the L and the S touch. I can’t understand how a professional designer would be happy with that or let those little things slide.

It’s just disappointing to see a team miss the mark when you wanted so much more. I think I’d prefer a good logo with a bad name, by the way.

Two logos also passed away in the domino effect that was the WHL’s move to Victoria.  First is the team that was purchased and moved to Victoria….…the Chilliwack Bruins.  I have an odd personal soft spot for Chilliwack so I’m bummed to see them lose their team but I was also always a little mad at them for having such a boring identity so I’m not too upset about this loss.

But I am a little sad that the Victoria Salmon Kings folded when the Royals moved to town.The Salmon Kings logo is ridiculous but I have always thought that it was pretty charming anyway.  There is definitely a lot more personality exuded by that Salmon Kings logo than the Royals logo.

Team: Victoria Royals
League: Western Hockey League
Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Stadium: Save-on-Food Memorial Centre
Merchandise: Coming Soon!

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