Bloomington Blaze

There have been a TON of hockey logos released recently, including a brand new NHL logo, and I’ve slept right through it on this blog that I often forget I have. Bad pundit, baaaaad pundit. So to make up for it, I hope to get to most of them over the next two weeks. So let me start with the latest logo release, the Bloomington Blaze of the Central Hockey League…

Yep, it’s a B with some fire coming off of it, how creative. How’s that working for you, Bakersfield Blaze?

Designed by Skye Design Studios, the Bloomington logo isn’t necessarily a bad flaming B. It’s certainly superior to the Bakersfield Blaze logo.  At least the shading in the Bloomington logo gives it some interesting depth.  Though now that I compare the two, I like the impact of the Bakersfield colors better.  The Bloomington logo has surprisingly muted tones. It’s a darker red, a darker yellow and a weird mustard-y color for the shading that is off putting if you stare at it too long.

It’s also unbelievably generic, especially considering they didn’t release any other logos along with this flaming B. So far the team doesn’t have a logo that says who they are which seems a little stupid for a team trying to replace a team with a fairly strong, unforgettable, fun brand like the Bloomington Prairie Thunder…

And finally, there is already a Bloomington Blaze in the world. I know that’s a youth basketball program in Indiana and this is a minor league hockey team in Illinois, but come on, use your Google and name your team something that isn’t already taken.

Team: Bloomington Blaze
League: Central Hockey League
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Arena: US Cellular Coliseum

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