Gypjak Golden Turkmenbashis

The Clink Room posted my second entry to their Shadow League contest today – The Gypjak Golden Turkmenbashis.  This was inspired by my love of former Turkmeni dictator Turkmenbashi’s cult of personality (though it’s hard to love any dictator)….

and my want of a new Butte Copper Kings cap…

For whatever reason, I was Googling them on the same day and this the Turkmenbashis cap just popped into my head.

Casey’s suggestion was that I pump up the goofiness. I was trying to make it simple like his statues, he wasn’t a military dictator so I didn’t want to go with military symbols or put him in a uniform. But I do like the idea of him swinging something other than a bat or putting him in a hat. The crown on the Copper Kings logo is partially what makes the logo so goofy, so perhaps I’ll give the Turkmenbashi logo a go with a fuzzy hat or something.

Either way, I think my story and the sheer weirdness makes it stand out. Again, probably not a winner because it’s too specific, but I had fun making it and that’s all the counts?  (I should be so nice to other designs, right?)

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