Bloomington Blaze: Response

Ok, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong or at least talking out of my butt. I was just going through some emails and found one that I missed from Skye Dillon.  He created the Bloomington Blaze logo that I ripped awhile ago. He was nice enough to send along the whole package (above) and explain a few things…

“The two-tone gold bevel was a technique to capture the metallic essence of fire badges and feature it throughout the identity. Through my research, every other team featuring fire or flames just used bright colors and standard outlines, so this was a way to make the brand more ownable for the Blaze.”

That makes a lot of sense and I completely agree that it is a unique look when compared to the other flame teams.  And I’m a fan of the secondary logos, especially the inaugural season logo. That makes a really nice patch.

I think my frustration with this name and logo wasn’t the design itself, it’s the name. The Bloomington Blaze just doesn’t do it for me because it’s so derivative. But now that I hear what Skye is saying and give the logo a second chance, I do like it and I think it’s a design that elevates a lackluster name.

One thing I need to be careful about when it comes to reviews is to not rip designers too much. I think that they are often doing the best that they can and are doing what their clients want. The big decisions are made by the front offices of these teams and they don’t necessarily always have the best taste or at least want something totally different out of their logo than what I want.

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