The Clink Room’s Shadow League Voting

My entriesVoting is now open for The Clink Room’s Shadow League contest. I have three entries and I would appreciate a vote if you are so inclined. Go here for instructions and to see all the entries. If I had to steer you toward one, I think the Olympia Roundabouts logo (the yellow one, in case you can’t tell) is the best of my entries and has a legitimate shot to get some votes. Sadly it looks kind of janky on the ballot.

As for my votes, I have to admit that I didn’t have a very hard time whittling down the competition. I was generally a little disappointed by the entries. I thought they would be a bit more creative and I definitely expected more visual tricks and optical illusions. But there are some that I really like and will be voting for. I get five votes and I’m voting for my Roundabouts logo and then choosing four other logos from these…

Although the ballot is missing one that I would definitely vote for, the Key West Canes…

So until the Key West Canes appears on the ballot, I’m withholding my votes. As of right now, the definite votes go to the Roundabouts, Canes, The Krakken and the Eels. I’m leaning toward the Lagers (the beer mug) because I like the design and the designer gave the Roundabouts logo a vote but I’m also quite taken with the Hobos logo. The other three are the odd men out, but I do really like them all and are still in consideration.

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4 Responses to The Clink Room’s Shadow League Voting

  1. El Jeffe says:

    The Key West Canes logo was withdrawn from consideration because I ended up selling it to another company. will feature the Canes logo in an upcoming release.

  2. o206o says:

    Hi, my name is Chris. I met your buddy Markus last night at a pub. I was wearing the Sea Devils hat that i designed (i also designed the Kraken, thanks for the love) and he asked about it. When i explained it he brought up this website and said he was kind of friends of friends with you etc. Low and behold i check it out this morning and youre a fellow ‘Clinker’.

    Small world man.

    Anyway, i just thought id mention it. Keep up the good work on the site.


    • I knew one of the Clinkers that has won was from Auburn, I assume that was you. That’s really funny that you ran into Markus and started talking logos, definitely a small world. Congrats on your wins, have you seen a Sea Devil hat in the wild yet? I meant to write a post about your rerelease but as you can see, I’ve been slacking.

  3. o206o says:

    Yeah i live near Lake Tapps. My buddy owns a pub in Auburn called Oddfellas, thats where i met Markus.

    I havent seen a Sea Devils hat yet randomly, but i have a couple of friends who have bought both colorways, so i see them pretty often.

    Anyway, keep up the good work man, i like the Oly logo. You should definitely try to find a good application for it.

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