Goodbye Yuma Scorpions

The Yuma Scorpions, original members of the Golden Baseball League and recently of the woeful North American League, are no more. New ownership has taken over and are rebranding the team as the Yuma Panthers.

Ballpark Biz gets it right when he says that this is a bad move. There have been good and, recently, bad times with the Scorpions but their Studio Simon designed logo was a really nice, professional, solid and respectable brand and is arguably the best thing this team has going for it. I sincerely doubt that they’ll come up with anything even remotely similar or effective. I expect it to be done half-assed and on the cheap.

Prove me wrong Panthers, prove me wrong.

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One Response to Goodbye Yuma Scorpions

  1. monica lerma says:

    How about the El Paso Dustdevils or Deperados or even the Gunslingers. I think these names are more appropriate for our city.

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