Rockford Riverhawks

I’m a little behind with this one, but it is such an upgrade, I have to say something about the new Rockford Riverhawks logos.

I once owned a Riverhawks cap not so much because I liked the logo but because I stopped in Rockford to see about a job with my old general manager while on my drive of shame back home to Olympia, Washington from Richmond, Indiana where I was laid off/kicked out by the Richmond Roosters. Though he offered me a job, I didn’t take it and I have never worked full-time in baseball again. And though that was the decision that put an end to my short time working in independent baseball, I don’t regret not taking the job.  Never have.

But I digress. I did regret buying the cap because it featured the logo to the right, their inaugural logo and logo they’d use until 2007. It just never did anything for me. Boring colors, silly cartoon face, weak “R”. Not to mention the cap was a Zephyr fitted and I’m a New Era 59/50 guy all the way. I wore it occasionally when I really wanted to be different.

In 2007, they finally updated their logo. The face was still cartoonish, but they improved their color scheme and added a few nice alternates to the mix. Still, the logo screamed cheap and seemed a bit amateurish and already dated especially since they kept the wordmark from their original set of logos.

But last week, the Riverhawks announced a whole new set of logos, and it’s a pretty impressive upgrade for a team that has had basically the same amateur look for the past ten years…

Honestly, if I was pitched a job with this team with these logos instead of those old logos back in 2002, I might still be working in baseball.  But then I might not be married with two kids, either, and I’ll take that life over the turmoil of independent baseball.

These, finally for Rockford, are professional, respectable logos that mean business. Definitely one of the best upgrades released for the 2012 season.

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