Medford Rogues

The West Coast League, a collegiate summer league spanning Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, has expanded to Medford, Oregon for the 2013 season. The new team announced yesterday that they will be known as the Medford Rogues and released the above pirate themed logo. It’s a striking, fun logo that will be very popular in the Rogue Valley.

The logo and upcoming jerseys and alternate logos were produced by Keith Flynn of Flynnagain Productions, an Ontario, Canada based design company. If you think it kind of has a tinge of hockey influence, which is what I’ve been thinking since I first saw the logo, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Flynnagain has done quite a few minor league hockey identities including, locally, the Everett Silvertips.

The hockey influence is what keeps throwing me off a bit about this identity, it just doesn’t feel very baseball to me despite the bats and the stitching on the skull. But that isn’t going to stop the general popularity of this logo, in fact, it might be the reason that it will be so popular in the area.

One other small problem I have with the logo: the color scheme. League mates and probably rivals, the Klamath Falls Gems, are just 77 miles away and already feature a primarily green identity.

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One Response to Medford Rogues

  1. Foogos says:

    This take on the skull and crossbones is one of the most original I’ve ever seen. Looks terrific.

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