South Sound FC Shock

The Tacoma Stars are building a new indoor soccer facility in town and have abandoned the Tacoma Soccer Center in a dispute and will play this season in Renton at the Starfire complex. So since the area was going to go without indoor soccer this season, a new club was formed – South Sound FC – and will practice at the Tacoma Soccer Center and play their PASL-Premier games at the Gig Harbor Athletic Club.

Today they released their crest and I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect much out of this crest, in fact I didn’t think they’d ever actually release a logo even. I even like the red, white, blue and green color scheme. The only thing I don’t like is the font that they used. It’s the only thing that screams that they did this on the cheap.

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Bloomington Blaze: Response

Ok, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong or at least talking out of my butt. I was just going through some emails and found one that I missed from Skye Dillon.  He created the Bloomington Blaze logo that I ripped awhile ago. He was nice enough to send along the whole package (above) and explain a few things…

“The two-tone gold bevel was a technique to capture the metallic essence of fire badges and feature it throughout the identity. Through my research, every other team featuring fire or flames just used bright colors and standard outlines, so this was a way to make the brand more ownable for the Blaze.”

That makes a lot of sense and I completely agree that it is a unique look when compared to the other flame teams.  And I’m a fan of the secondary logos, especially the inaugural season logo. That makes a really nice patch.

I think my frustration with this name and logo wasn’t the design itself, it’s the name. The Bloomington Blaze just doesn’t do it for me because it’s so derivative. But now that I hear what Skye is saying and give the logo a second chance, I do like it and I think it’s a design that elevates a lackluster name.

One thing I need to be careful about when it comes to reviews is to not rip designers too much. I think that they are often doing the best that they can and are doing what their clients want. The big decisions are made by the front offices of these teams and they don’t necessarily always have the best taste or at least want something totally different out of their logo than what I want.

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Happy Halloween! – Ripville Undead

Here is another entry that I sent to The Clink Room for their Shadow League contest, and it was completely inspired by Halloween. I know that it isn’t great, I don’t expect to win, I just was having fun making it and trying out Adobe Illustrator. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Halloween!

They haven’t posted this one yet, I expect to see it in a few weeks since they are so backed up with entries.

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Gypjak Golden Turkmenbashis

The Clink Room posted my second entry to their Shadow League contest today – The Gypjak Golden Turkmenbashis.  This was inspired by my love of former Turkmeni dictator Turkmenbashi’s cult of personality (though it’s hard to love any dictator)….

and my want of a new Butte Copper Kings cap…

For whatever reason, I was Googling them on the same day and this the Turkmenbashis cap just popped into my head.

Casey’s suggestion was that I pump up the goofiness. I was trying to make it simple like his statues, he wasn’t a military dictator so I didn’t want to go with military symbols or put him in a uniform. But I do like the idea of him swinging something other than a bat or putting him in a hat. The crown on the Copper Kings logo is partially what makes the logo so goofy, so perhaps I’ll give the Turkmenbashi logo a go with a fuzzy hat or something.

Either way, I think my story and the sheer weirdness makes it stand out. Again, probably not a winner because it’s too specific, but I had fun making it and that’s all the counts?  (I should be so nice to other designs, right?)

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Olympia Roundabouts

My first entry to The Clink Room’s Shadow League was posted today. Not to brag, but I love this little logo. I tried to pack a ton of things into a simple design. You obviously have the roundabout symbol on a caution sign. Then there is the O-L-Y – the popular abbreviation for Olympia. The three points represent Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater. There is also a trident kind of thing happening in honor of our nautical heritage here on Puget Sound and also as a ode to the Seattle Mariners. And finally there is a home plate in the middle of the logo.

And I have in mind a ballpark where this team would play done in all street signs. I’m surprised there isn’t a team that already uses that as their theme. I also think a really cool, fun mascot could be made out of the outline of this logo. And there are a ton of secondary logo possibilities and hopefully I’ll get around to designing some of them soon.

I don’t know if it will win, probably not because I think it’s too regionally specific, but it’s a logo that I’m going to use from here on out for teams. Softball team? Perfect. My soccer team? Heck yeah.

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Quick Reaction: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

It was just announced that Boise’s Humanitarian Bowl will now be known as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl and I absolutely love their logo. If you are going to name your bowl something ridiculous like this, you’d better back it up with a logo equally as cheesy and they sure outdid themselves with this one. It’s not flawless, but it certainly is inspired. I’m hoping my Bowling Green State Falcons can make it back to Boise this December so I can get my commemorative t-shirt. The stakes have been raised on this season boys.

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Bloomington Blaze

There have been a TON of hockey logos released recently, including a brand new NHL logo, and I’ve slept right through it on this blog that I often forget I have. Bad pundit, baaaaad pundit. So to make up for it, I hope to get to most of them over the next two weeks. So let me start with the latest logo release, the Bloomington Blaze of the Central Hockey League…

Yep, it’s a B with some fire coming off of it, how creative. How’s that working for you, Bakersfield Blaze?

Designed by Skye Design Studios, the Bloomington logo isn’t necessarily a bad flaming B. It’s certainly superior to the Bakersfield Blaze logo.  At least the shading in the Bloomington logo gives it some interesting depth.  Though now that I compare the two, I like the impact of the Bakersfield colors better.  The Bloomington logo has surprisingly muted tones. It’s a darker red, a darker yellow and a weird mustard-y color for the shading that is off putting if you stare at it too long.

It’s also unbelievably generic, especially considering they didn’t release any other logos along with this flaming B. So far the team doesn’t have a logo that says who they are which seems a little stupid for a team trying to replace a team with a fairly strong, unforgettable, fun brand like the Bloomington Prairie Thunder…

And finally, there is already a Bloomington Blaze in the world. I know that’s a youth basketball program in Indiana and this is a minor league hockey team in Illinois, but come on, use your Google and name your team something that isn’t already taken.

Team: Bloomington Blaze
League: Central Hockey League
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Arena: US Cellular Coliseum

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